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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is commonly known as “talk therapy.” It’s what usually comes to mind when people think of therapy. Individual therapy primarily involves one-on-one sessions between client and therapist. It can be adapted to include family members or other important people in your life if you choose to involve them in your treatment. Individual therapy is available for children, adolescents, and adults.

” We’re equipped to address
a range of issues. “

Our training and experience allows us to identify, target, and prioritize specific problem areas. Issues we treat range from minor life transitions to diagnosable mental health issues. Not everyone seeks therapy to address problems, however. We also offer individual services for those looking to achieve personal growth.

 ” We believe that positive change results from a continuous effort
to understand yourself and your circumstances. “

In therapy, we seek to understand you so as to help you better understand yourself. Additionally, we can help you identify more effective ways to approach problems and relationships in order to break old, ineffective patterns. The process of change for children is similar to that of adults but requires the crucial element of parent or caregiver support.

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