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Parenting, while very rewarding and quite satisfying, can also be the most time consuming and exhausting part of one’s life. Parents can seek therapy for a number of reasons, including those to better themselves in the role of parent learning skills to raise responsible, well adjusted members of society, as well as seeking help addressing specific issues or problems children are facing. Individuals or couples can seek therapy at all stages of parenting; therapy/coaching is useful in the early stages of raising children as well as at a point of feeling overwhelmed or when faced with a difficult situation where guidance from a professional is needed.

Parents can seek personal guidance in:

  • Understanding the role of a parent, its importance, its limitations

  • Helping the child develop life and interpersonal skills, modeling appropriate behavior and fostering morality and growth

  • Understanding the individual personality of each child and how to support and encourage that uniqueness while navigating through society

  • Weathering modern challenges such as bullying, peer pressure, identity development, social media, and sifting through the deluge of information to which children of all ages can be exposed

Parents can gain practical skills that can be used immediately for interactions with children such as:

  • Communicating effectively without raising voices

  • Avoiding power struggles and arguments

  • Staying calm at difficult or excitable times

  • Forming a healthy balance of 1:1, family, and independent time

  • Setting enforceable limits

  • Healthy rewards vs. overindulgence

  • Teaching the values of intrinsic motivation and the child being proud of him/herself

  • Helping children learn from their mistakes

  • Forging a parental unit where a united front exists so children feel safe and understood, and a security exists where children feel they are able to approach both parents in an open dialogue

  • Empowering children in the present and also for the child to carry within him/herself throughout life’s situations

Parents can also seek professional guidance if they feel a situation already exists, such as:

  • Willful, seemingly intractable children who do not respond to attempts by parents to communicate

  • Reaching a child who has turned inward (e.g. depression) and no longer engages at a healthy level

  • Children who experience an inordinate amount of anxiety either at home or in social or school settings

  • Children experiencing major life changes (e.g. divorce, relocation, new school, prolonged illness or death of a family member)

We also offer support in the following forms:

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is provided specifically for your family. Parents meet with a therapist for 50-minute sessions to explore and problem solve their family’s unique strengths and challenges. Concepts from Positive Discipline, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP), and/or, and/or Parenting the Love & Logic Way™ curriculum are taught, explored, and practiced along with other helpful behavioral and parenting techniques to best serve each family and their needs.

Parenting Workshops

Our parenting workshops utilize the Parenting the Love & Logic Way™ curriculum. Dr. Crystal Wildes is an independent facilitator of the Parenting the Love & Logic Way™. She was trained by Jim Fay, Dr. Foster Cline, and Dr. Charles Fay, the creators of Love & Logic®.

Workshops are in a group setting and meet for 6 sessions. Workshops are 2 hours long and include time for covering the curriculum materials, as well as discussion and support from the group. Each participant receives a workbook to utilize throughout the 6 weeks and earns a certificate upon completion of the program.


**This website is not associated with or sponsored by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. Love & Logic® is a registered trademark of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. Love & Logic® was founded by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., with continued creative and operational direction by Charles Fay, Ph.D. It is based on the experience of a combined total of over 100 years working with and raising kids and is based on a psychologically sound parenting and teaching philosophy called Love & Logic®. For more information, please go to or call 800-338-4065.