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Family Therapy

Being part of a family is complicated. Every family experiences its own rewards, frustrations, joys, and challenges. Family therapy is advisable when problems get in the way of striking a balance or working together. Therapists teach and practice techniques in session to prepare families to use new skills at home. For families with young children, therapy can help parents understand their children’s inner worlds and meet them there.

Families commonly struggle with communication and emotional expression. Our approach focuses on the family’s experience as seen through an attachment lens. We consider aspects of families such as distress, love, and needs of comfort and support. By concentrating on interaction patterns, we help families navigate out of harmful or ineffective dynamics. Family therapy can facilitate deep, lasting change in how family members connect with one another.

Some families seek therapy to boost or reassess their existing strengths and to promote communication and connection. It’s also sought ahead of major changes, such as moving, divorce, and remarriage. This allows families to communicate their concerns, anticipate challenges, and gain tools for handling difficulties down the road.

Family therapy can include all family members. Often, though, a parent and child are treated together. Because our approach to treatment is integrative, we typically encourage family therapy (whole-family or parent-child dyadic) in tandem with individual therapy, especially for families with children or adolescents.

During the consultation or first session, we discuss treatment options based on your family’s challenges, dynamics, and needs.

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