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Adult Testing Services

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

IQ Testing

Neuropsych Testing

Vocational Testing

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Gain a thorough understanding of all areas of psychological functioning

  • Useful for establishing documentation of psychological history and problems

  • A comprehensive psychological evaluation can provide a clear diagnostic picture and inform treatment options for individuals with a complex history of problems.

Testing clients are seen over the course of one to four sessions, depending on the concerns to be addressed and the complexity of the client’s history. Procedures typically involve a detailed clinical interview and both computerized and paper-and-pencil tasks.

The precise measures to be used are determined following an initial consultation. In general, the areas addressed in a comprehensive evaluation are as follows:

  • cognitive, emotional, personality, symptomatology, social

IQ Testing

Adult clients request IQ testing for a variety of reasons, including employment, a snapshot of cognitive functioning, overall strengths and weaknesses.

Neuropsychological Testing

Can be useful…

  • Following head injury

  • In assessing cognitive changes, such as memory decline

  • Diagnosing cognitive problems associated with neurological, medical, and psychological conditions

  • Allows us to make careful recommendations for cognitive rehabilitation and/or changes to the client’s living environment to promote support and safety.

Vocational Testing

Career indecision… Measures designed to help a person understand the type of work that he or she is best suited for or would find most fulfilling…

Another type of vocational testing service… Fitness for an employment or volunteer position as required by those institutions…