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Families in Transition

We specialize in providing therapy for families that are already divorced, recently separated, or currently enmeshed in divorce proceedings in both amicable and high conflict situations.

Each child’s, even across siblings, experiences through a separation and divorce can vary greatly and be very individualistic depending on the unique situation. But there is always a constant: the child’s feelings and perceptions are always different than the adults’. That is where my role begins…with the child.

A therapist’s role is a neutral third party where the child, not the parent, is the client. Rapport is established with the children, and the therapeutic relationship is formed with the children. Regardless of which parent brings the child in for therapy, both parents have the right to be made aware of updates and treatment progress. Confidentiality is maintained while still providing each parent with important information from the therapy sessions.

As previously stated, children experience separation and divorce differently than adults. They need additional support to explore, express, understand, and navigate their feelings. We work through topics such as: cognizance of the split; affects such as guilt, confusion or concern as to the reason for the break-up; thoughts and emotions toward each parent or sibling (if applicable); new living arrangements, schedules, or schools; fears or uncertainties about the future; and the child’s “new normal” during this major family transition.

Therapeutic approaches are age appropriate and include:

Support for families in transition is a major part of Integrative Awareness. We strive to provide a safe, meaningful environment for children to help uncover and process thoughts and feelings toward the situation, to provide coping skills to utilize both during and after the divorce, and to help guide/navigate and empower them through life’s changes.